Nissan 360: the Micra 160 SR

Click the image above for a hi-res gallery of the Micra 160 SR

If there's one thing this blogger hates, it's begging. But Nissan, please bring this car to America. (Was that good enough, Nissan?) If Dr. Evil drove this car, his would declare the same thing I did: "friggin fantastic." Along with the Cube I've already committed to buy, I promise I'll get one of these as well.

This 1.6-liter, five-speed, 110-HP gas-powered version is a volcanic blast to drive. So much so that I ditched the road guide book for the first snaking mountain road I saw, and after going up and down once I spun the little red robin around and did it again. It's more fun than a MINI -- and I really like the MINI. But the Micra 160 SR is hootin' hollerin' hands up hallelujah fun. No wonder it's the best selling Nissan in Europe.

Inside, it's all you need in a spicy little hatch, which is to say not much, but what's there is just right. It's roomy, there's plenty of cargo space -- including a bin under the front passenger seat and a cavernous glove box -- but the cupholders will only do tiny cups. Although it's not like you'll have time to drink, with all the hooning you'll be doing. And the car is so adorable it teaches buttons how to be cute. I'm a fan. Nissan, the phrase you're looking for is: US regulatory approval.

You can check out the Nissan 360 event site for more details on all the vehicles in Nissan's lineup and company stats. In the mean time, be sure to check out the gallery of hi-res photos below.

Travel and lodging for this media event were provided by the manufacturer.

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