Donk Daytons take out uber-clean M3, we weep silently

After (Above), Before (on right)

As a fellow E36 owner (non-M), my heart momentarily stopped when Mike S. sent us this link to BimmerForums, where one member had a close encounter of the multi-spoke kind while driving down I-880 near San Jose, CA. The wheel apparently fell off another vehicle going in the opposite direction on the freeway, hit the center divider and flew into the air, landing with a tremendous amount of force onto the roof of kpipalldaway2's incredibly clean M3. Judging by the lack of damage to the rest of the vehicle, he was able to pull off the road safely, but even more amazingly, he only suffered a broken shoulder and some cuts from the broken glass. While it's sad to see such a pristine example destroyed by such a gaudy piece of rolling stock, it gets worse. The M3 driver was on a basketball scholarship and his broken shoulder may have put an end to his game days.

[Source: BimmerForums]

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