Another DIY solar electric car built in California

All right, so maybe some of the homebuilt solar-powered cars that we've shown here in the past aren't the best-looking contraptions. Give then this, though: they certainly are useful. The latest example was made by a California man named Brent Hatch, who decided enough was enough when he got a $700 gas bill. With seven kids to drive to school and back along with record-high gas prices, it's easy to see why Hatch was fed up. His solution centers around a four-wheeled, pedal-powered bike that has been equipped with three roof-mounted solar panels. These provide electricity to a small electric motor. Maintenance charges have also gone down considerably, with the only real wear item being the vehicle's sole rear tire, which is powered. Perhaps it's not the most elegant solution we've ever seen... but it's hard to argue that it gets the job done. Watch a video of the machine in action here.
[Source: CBS 2 via Engadget]

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