Update on the Uno electric unicycle

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Last year, we showed you Canadian teen Ben Gulak's much-cooler interpretation of the Segway. Called the Uno, his 120 pound machine is capable of balancing itself and its rider using custom-programmed software and some gyros. When we last saw the contraption, it looked very much like the DIY machine that it is, but now the Uno appears in a much more finished state, complete with sporty bodywork in bright orange. There's also a website for the project, though not much is posted there as of yet.

The Uno was created as a possible response to the pollution that our internal combustion engines emit as we drive. On a 2006 trip to China, Ben says that "The smog was so thick, we never saw the sun." Though most of the hard work was done by Ben himself, a few experts stepped in to provide a bit of assistance, and the end-result is reportedly very easy to ride. We likey.

[Source: Motorcycle Mojo]

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