NorthStar Moving powers their fleet with biodiesel

California's NorthStar Moving Corporation has just converted all of its trucks to run on biodiesel fuel. All of the fuel used by the moving and storage company will now be veggie-based. Additionally, their fleet of vehicles has also been fitted with battery-powered rear lift gates as opposed to hydraulic, meaning that the engine does not need to idle for extended periods.
NorthStar reportedly has tried greening other aspects of their operation. All of their boxes and stationery are made from recycled material and are reused when possible. The company claims that skylights and windows are used for natural lighting when possible and their warehouses are well-insulated. We applaud these efforts, of course, especially the use of biodiesel. With diesel prices as high as they are, we wonder what impact biodiesel may have on the market, considering that cost is often a driving factor when it comes to our energy needs.

Press Release:

California's premier full service moving and storage company's trucks may be red on the outside, but now they are green on the inside - leading the way for eco-friendly companies in the industry

LOS ANGELES, April 22 -- NorthStar Moving Corporation, the leading residential and commercial mover in California, offering local, intrastate, interstate, and international moves, as well as storage services, announced today that they have converted all of their trucks to biodiesel fuel. Just in time for Earth Day, NorthStar Moving continues to find new ways to lighten its carbon footprint, now powering its vehicles with cleaner burning fuel made from natural renewable sources such as vegetable oils.

Diesel fuel emits harmful toxins into our air and is responsible for the majority of California's known cancer risk from outdoor air pollutants, according to the California Air Resources Board. Diesel particulate matter also contributes to more than 2,000 premature deaths, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems each year. These problems are exacerbated when large vehicles are left idling. NorthStar Moving hopes other moving companies will follow their lead and convert their fleets to biodiesel as well.

NorthStar Moving not only took the radical step of eradicating all diesel fuel from its fleet, but also installed battery-powered lift gates on all of its trucks so that the vehicles could be turned off while the lift gates are still in use. This alleviates any need to leave vehicles idling.

"Growing up in Los Angeles, I was acutely aware of smog and other pollution challenges of our community," said Laura McHolm, co-founder and marketing director of NorthStar Moving Corporation. "I'm thrilled that in our own small way we're helping to contribute to a cleaner, safer environment."

The company's founder and president Ram Katalan had a similar epiphany. "I was so excited when hybrid vehicles became readily available," Katalan said. "After purchasing one for myself, I began seeking ways to make our trucks more environmentally-friendly. From NorthStar Moving's inception, we chose 100% recycled paper for our stationery and boxes. Our corporate color may be red but we are green on the inside! We're always looking for novel new ways to lessen our carbon footprint and make eco-conscious decisions. We love to hear from our clients with new ideas for further lessening our impact on the environment!"

Today, NorthStar Moving continues to provide moving boxes made of 100% recycled materials and re-uses their boxes. The corporate business cards and stationery are still printed on 100% recycled paper. The company has also incorporated green features into its facilities, such as skylights and extra windows in its warehouses and offices to provide natural light sources and eliminate unnecessary electrical use. Even the warehouse has been well insulated to reduce the need for air conditioning and heating. NorthStar Moving employees also embrace the green movement, recycling bottles, cans, and other materials in the office.

[Source: NorthStar Moving Corporation]

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