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Air conditioning? Bah! Use an ice-cold T-shirt instead

Ahhh, summer. The high gas prices, the sweltering heat. Nothing like hopping into your air conditioned ride for a bit of a cool off. Of course, using the AC can, in some situations, decrease your MPG by 5 to 25 percent. And with those high gas prices, an alternative has got to be available, right? Sweating is one, and automakers like Mitsubishi are working on more efficient AC systems. But what if you want to cool down now without using your old and inefficient system? How about an ice shirt?

Available for athletes who need to keep cool on hot days, ice vests use, well, ice packs packed in a vest or a shirt to cool a body. DIYers over at Ecomodder have been discussing using ice shirts in cars and other homebrew alternatives to avoid cranking up the AC. A real cursory search finds commercial ice vests available in the $90 to $220 range. More options on the Ecomodder discussion block include beaded seat covers (for more airflow behind the body), portable AC units, and window tinting. Thanks to Darin for the tip!

[Source: Ecomodder]

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