Miata? Impractical? BAH!

Why is this man smiling? Because he's probably as amused by what he's doing as we are. Autoblog reader Doc B sent us these photos he took when he came upon the unlikely sight of a Mazda Miata being used to haul a sofa loveseat. Here we thought a Miata was barely spacious enough to transport two adults and a couple of overnight bags, and this guy just turns the conventional wisdom on its head. Seriously, try moving that thing with, say, a MINI Clubman or a Honda Fit. Not gonna happen. When it comes to hauling couches, it looks like the Miata has all those supposedly practical small hatchbacks beat. Roadsters for everyone, we say! Help friends move in the morning, then autocross in the afternoon. It's the ideal blend of practicality and performance. U-Haul, your days are so numbered.

Thanks for the pics, Doc B.
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