If it sounds too good to be true... Toyota issues scam warning

If ever there were modern day candidates for being drawn and quartered, scam artists would qualify. Cowardly and cloaked behind the identities that legitimate brands have toiled to establish, these shysters prey on the unwitting and gullible. Toyota is warning its customers to be vigilant and watch out for fake offers seeking personal financial information and bearing Toyota's branding. There are several fake offers that Toyota is particularly concerned about, all singing from the same hymnal. One scam goes as far as to send along a totally fake check, while another touts a mystery shopper program, and still others go the "you've just won a lottery" route. The goal of all the surreptitious activity is to obtain enough information for identity theft. We're not financial advisors, but it's particularly satisfying to use this crap for its intended purpose: starting the wood stove. Toyota has set the appropriate law enforcement agencies on the case. Four Tundras have been outfitted appropriately for dispatching miscreants in a gruesome fashion.

[Source: Inside Line, Photo: 419.Bittenus.com]

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