Job Listing of the Day: Prodrive Chairman's Estate Manager

So you want to work for Prodrive/Aston Martin, but you don't quite have the qualifications to be a bodyshell fabricator or a chief engineer? Then perhaps you have what it takes to fill the position of estate manager for the chairman of the company. You won't need to know your way around a sheet of carbon fiber, but you will need to be able to manage the garden and domestic staff, have a good sense of humor, and "carry out occasional driving duties," among other things. For your dutiful service, your rewards will include a fully paid-for cottage on the property, a mobile phone, and a company car. But remember, Ford still owns part of Aston, so that car could be a Mondeo... but that wouldn't be too bad, would it, guv'nor? Thanks for the tip, sndkick!
[Source: Prodrive]

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