Lexus files trademarks for IS Coupe

The image above is only a rendering we found on the interweb

We've been hearing about a possible Lexus IS coupe for what seems like eons, and by most accounts, it's likely to hit the streets sometime around the turn of the decade. A convertible is supposedly in the works too, but until now, there's been limited proof that Lexus was planning to offer the two-door version of its entry-level sedan. However, the crew at has been scouring U.S. and Canadian trademark applications and has come up with three new filings from Toyota's luxury division that could mean Lexus is at least considering bringing the IS coupe to market.

The trademarks include alphanumeric names with a "C" affixed to the end, including the IS250C, IS300C and IS350C. "C" could mean a couple of things, but the smart money is on "Coupe." It's also telling that Lexus' lawyers have trademarked the IS300C designation, since there's nothing to slot in between the current entry-level IS250 and the markedly more powerful IS350. There's no filing for an IS-FC, but if Lexus finally decides to provide the coupe people crave and do serious battle with the BMW M3, it's just a matter of time before we see some derivation of that name pop up in the trademark office.

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