Hennessey preparing first production Dodge Viper ACR for One Lap

Click above to view Hennessey's Viper ACR upon delivery

Gearheads across the country are crossing off days on the calendar until May 2 when One Lap of America returns. The annual event, for those unfamiliar, takes participants across the country on a Cannonball-style rally competing on racetracks and road courses scattered along the way. Dodge always makes a strong showing at One Lap, and the team at the company's SRT workshop planned on entering two vehicles this year: a Challenger and a Viper. Time and resources being limited however, Dodge SRT turned to noted Viper tuner John Hennessey to help prepare a brand spankin' new Viper ACR – unveiled just this past November in LA – for the event. To that end, Dodge sent the first Viper ACR off the assembly line to Hennessey, who is now undertaking the task of preparing the car for the race next week. With SRT chief Erich Heuschle driving the Challenger, multiple SCCA national champion and SRT engineer Chris Winkler will be piloting the Viper. Considering that, as John H. points out, Hennessey Vipers came in second place the past two years running, the new ACR promises to put up a good snake fight for the honors this time around.

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