Scarilicious: Edo Competition 599 Fiorano 630 Scuderia

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Say what you will about Edo and the things it does to supercars, but you've got to hand it to them: it takes a lot of nether-regional fortitude to try and improve on the most finely honed and intricately developed performance machines. The latest results of Edo's endeavors is the 630 Scuderia.

Although you wouldn't recognize it from the name, the 630 Scuderia is based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Using Edo's existing 630 GTB – whose engine more closely resembles the high-strung unit from the FXX than the "stock" 599's Enzo-derived powerplant – and upgrades it with a new aerodynamic kit designed to optimize the cooling and airflow around the vehicle. There's a sharply-styled front end with bigger vents that help cool the brakes, with an integrated lip spoiler increasing downforce. Underneath and around back, a new aerodynamic undertray and widened six-blade diffuser help optimize stability, aided by the new side skirts. All the components are made from carbon fiber, cutting curb weight down by 110 lbs.

Check out the images in the gallery below – and the press release after the jump – to make up your own mind: stylish and functional enhancement or sacrilegious defilement?

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Fascinating shapes!
edo competition introduces the brand new aerodynamics package
„edo 630 Scuderia"!

edo competition Motorsport GmbH, one of the top names in sophisticated modifications of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche cars is now introducing the brand new "edo 630 Scuderia" aerodynamics package for the Ferrari 599 GTB!

The aim was to underline the perfect shapes of the Ferrari 599 GTB and to adapt the aerodynamics to higher top speed and meet the increased cooling demands caused by the improved power output without compromising the styling of the car.

The flow-optimized front apron features an enlarged cooling air inlet which improves the engine's thermal balance. The larger center inlet also provides cool air for the brakes, thereby increasing their service life and fade resistance. In addition to that the front spoiler lip improves downforce on the front axle.

The newly developed side skirts reduce crosswind sensitivity and improve wheel arch ventilation in combination with the new rear apron. To achieve this, a new undertray with a wider diffuser – now with 6 blades – was mounted on both sides to enhance rear axle downforce at high speeds. Additionally a carbon fiber lip is mounted on the trunk lid to provide extra stability and rear downforce.

Naturally all parts are made from ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, which means a weight reduction of nearly 50 kg (110 lb) is a welcome side effect of this aerodynamics package.

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