M-Zero: Inspired by M with a whiff of Aston

Click above for high-res gallery of M-Zero renderings

The car you see above, dubbed the M-Zero by its designer Mael Oberkampf, looks like spawn of a BMW M6 and Aston Martin DB9. Up front it's an all business BMW with a convincing set of "angry eye" headlights and a bit of snarl, but inspiration from Aston can be seen in the rear or by viewing the car in profile. Though the extra large wheels are a bit tunerrific for our tastes, the overall design wouldn't make a bad BMW at all. Not that the Munich-based brand needs any more high-performance coupes to sell alongside the 1 Series, 3 Series and 6 Series coupes, but if there were an open slot in the lineup, the M-Zero would fit nicely. There's no mention (at least in English) of what theoretical powerplant might be found beneath its bonnet, but we'd opt for the obvious and install the corporate workhorse 5.0L V10.

[Source: Tuvie.com]

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