Dutch cyclists want airbags installed on the outside of cars

Due to the continuing evolution of safety standards, high speed car-on-car impacts have made life better for everyone inside the cars. Now, even pedestrians get love from some car makers in the form of hoods that pop up when the car senses a pedestrian impact, so that the walker doesn't hit the engine block. Now, the Dutch Cycling Federation wants to know: what about us? The federation is asking for exterior airbags to protect cyclists in collisions with cars.
In a country where getting around by bike is the done thing, the federation estimates that external airbags on cars could save 60 cyclists and eliminate 1,500 serious injuries every year. The airbags they have in mind would be mounted on the hoods, which is where cyclists usually end up.

In case you're thinking "There's no way...", the Swedish company Autoliv Inc. has created an air bag that deploys from the A-pillars and extends over the hood to keep people from crashing down onto the engine block. It strikes us as a bit nutty to think that one day our cars could turn into giant bubbles to protect everyone everywhere in an accident, but hey, if it saves lives....

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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