Alaska and biodiesel hit the radio airwaves for Earth Day

Whether its being used in jets or up in Alaska, biodiesel's challenges as a cold-weather fuel are being tested. For Earth Day today, the Alaska Public Radio Network is featuring a five-minute piece on people using biodiesel and vegoil in The Last Frontier. Readers up in the Anchorage area can listen to KSKA 91.1FM at 11 am (local time) today and anyone can hear the piece on the APRN website or by downloading the MP3 directly.

In the piece, we hear how vegoil is used to heat a Juneau hotel. A $15,000 investment upgraded the heating system and it paid for itself in the first year. The description that follows of how to convert a diesel vehicle to run on vegoil isn't anything we haven't heard before, but I like to hear how, even in a state where everyone gets some money from the oil industry (via the Permanent Fund Dividend), people are looking past petroleum.

[Source: APRN]

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