America likely won't be getting a Smart diesel soon

A lot of Americans who were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Smart ForTwo on our shores have been disappointed by the mileage figures that reach only into the upper thirties. Over in Europe, Smart offers the ForTwo with automatic start-stop systems and in a diesel configuration that is the most efficient internal combustion car currently available. The Smart ForTwo CDi is rated at 71mpg (U.S.) but American drivers won't be getting a crack at it anytime soon. Unfortunately, that diesel isn't Tier 2 Bin 5 compliant meaning Smart wouldn't be able to offer it in some of their biggest potential markets like California and New York. According to SmartUSA president Dave Schembri, the diesel Smart also wouldn't provide the performance Americans would expect. I haven't yet driven the new second-generation Smart diesel. However, the first-generation model that passed through the ABG garage last summer certainly had leisurely acceleration. Nonetheless for a car that is primarily an urban runabout, it's probably perfectly adequate. Perhaps if diesel popularity picks up in the next couple of years and Smart's popularity is sustainable the company will reconsider.

[Source: MLive]

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