Spy Shots: The next Chinese Buick Regal?

While GM throws heritage names in the dustbin of history here in the U.S., some of the old names are alive and well in China. The Park Avenue soldiers on as a completely desirable Zeta-platform Holden import, and the still-available Regal looks like it may be primed to get a long-overdue refresh. China Car Times has posted a photo what appears to be a new Buick -- possibly the next Regal -- with its nose camo removed. Note the waterfall grille with the empty spot where the tri-shield would go. According to CCT, the Chinese motoring press says that the mule's basic shape is in keeping with that of the newly-unveiled Opel Insignia. This car would appear to have unique sheetmetal, however, as its front end is similar but not exactly the same -- it's more than just a grille swap a la the Park Avenue. Note also the absence of the Opel's hockey-stick body line on the mule. If it is the Regal, and if it is Insignia-derived, it looks like it's going to get a good amount of differentiation. In any case, signs point to another good-looking Chinese Buick in the works, and we're curious.

[Source: China Car Times]

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