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Two Nova Biosource Fuels biodiesel plants operating at reduced capacity

Nova Biosource Fuels has two refineries that make ASTM standard biodiesel that are either up and mostly running or on the mend. The two plants, when both are working at full capacity, can make 80 million gallons of biodiesel a year. The capacity isn' quitet there yet, and Nova's eventual goal is an annual capacity of 180-200 mgpy.
In Seneca, Illinois, Nova's refinery is operating at 75 percent capacity turning animal fats and vegetable oils into biodiesel. Nova has commissioned the first train on the way to a 60 million gallons per year production. Over in Greenville, Mississippi, a 20mgpy biodiesel plant was damaged after a mechanical pump failure. Nova representatives are on the site (it's a Scott Petroleum Corp. plant) and will be working to repair the facility.

Earlier this year, Nova sponsored the Sundance screening of Josh Tickell's Fields of Fuel documentary.

[Source: Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc.]

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