Choren industries opens BTL plant in Freiberg

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has inaugurated the "first refinery of second generation" biofuels in Freiberg. The plant, owned by Choren, which partners with car companies VW and Daimler and the Shell oil company, produces BTL (biomass-to-liquid) fuel from any kind of biomass, such as wood chips, straw, weeds or leftover milk rejected by the agrofood industry.

The plans is to have the plant produce 18 million liters of Choren's Carbo-V (a type of biodiesel). Choren's Carbo-V is obtained through a sophisticated 3-step process (gasification, gas treatment and hydrocracking) which transforms any kind of biomass into a biodiesel-like fuel ready to be used in diesel vehicles without further modification. If successful, Choren will spend 1 billion euros in a bigger plant to produce 200,000 million liters of BTL fuel per year.

[Source: Econoticias]

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