'Ring spy needed: Hans Lehmann out of the spy photog game

Ladies and gentlemen, Hans Lehmann has left the building. After the retirement of Jim Dunne, a thorn in the side of Detroit's finest for decades, comes word that Hans Lehmann, the man that's enraged his fair share of automakers abroad, is hanging up his Nikon.
Lehmann's ability to capture all the happenings on the Nurburgring solidified his place in spy photographer infamy and in several circles, is credited with causing automakers to deliberately run their camo'd mules on the 'Ring, hoping to catch Lehmann's lens.

While it's sad to see this legend of automotive espionage move onto greener pastures, we're comfortable with the knowledge that in this new media landscape, thousands of camera-toting pistonheads and their professional counterparts will continue to provide us with the images we love to obsess over. The players might be changing, but the game remains the same. Let the good times roll.

UPDATE: Brenda Priddy took the time to inform us that Lehmann Photo Syndication is still in existence, but was bought out when Mr. Lehmann retired. So you'll still see the name on photos, but not because Hans was behind the lens.

[Source: Autoweek]

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