Beijing '08 Preview: Roewe 550 unveiled, and it's impressive

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Every now and then, you have to eat crow. This is one of those times. Early spy shots of the Roewe 550 had me thinking it was nothing special -- and far from beautiful. Subsequent spy shots cast it in a better light, and now, with the release of official images of the final car, it's clear that this is a big deal for the Chinese automaker. The headlamps still seem a little weird -- they're sort of shaped like old telephone receivers -- but the whole package is well done and attractive inside and out.

Roewe 550 interiorThe interior gives off the Euro-modern luxury feel of a BMW, with a wide, hooded IP that houses a nifty looking gauge cluster and the to-be-expected nav/multimedia screen. Outside, it's got a sleek, attractive profile that you'd expect to see coming from a premium European or Japanese automaker, but probably not China. So much for that. This is a very nice-looking car, period. Now, assuming it can handle a crash without turning into one of the death traps from a Saw film, it would seem that Roewe's got something really good here. We'll follow up when the big unveiling takes place in Beijing.

[Source: Auto Sina]

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