I still haven't seen the documentary King Corn, which digs into all the ways that corn is used (and abused) in our society. Our friends over at ZapRoot, though, got a chance to sit down with Aaron Woolf, the film's director, for their latest episode. This brief video also a segment on those manmade Dubai islands and the 56 mpg Fiat 500 gets a few seconds of screen time as well.

The movie clips from King Corn included in ZapRoot show how this movie focuses more on the food side of the corn equation (i.e., not so much the ethanol), but the movie does get into how complicated the America's agribusiness policy is. During the promotional work for the film, people associated with the movie did discuss ethanol's role in elevating the royal crop. Thanks to a link from the King Corn website, I just found out my local PBS station is showing the movie tonight and if I remember to watch or record it, I might have a review coming up. Check to see if it's playing near you.

[Source: ZapRoot]

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