OHM hybrid bicycles lowers resistance to riding

Have you been wanting to celebrate National Bike Month in fine style this May but are lacking the necessary bicycle part of the equation? Fret no more because OHM Cycles has just announced their 2008 hybrid electric line-up of urban and sport bikes. Designed to help you get up those steep hills and ride farther, OHM harnesses lithium ion batteries from Moli Energy and a microprocessor-equipped brushless DC BionX motor with a command console that allows you to choose between four "power modes" and four "regenerative modes." You can get assistance going up inclines and get some charge back on the way down. Built on an aluminum frame, the weight is kept down to a manageable 48 to 53 pounds, depending on the model. Sounds pretty nifty to us. Prices aren't mentioned but if you contact any of these stores we are sure they'll fill you in. For other details check out the press release after the jump.

Press Release:

A hybrid bicycle? Yes, indeed.

April 7, 2008. VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada
OHM Cycles product line of innovative electric-assist bicycles lets riders climb hills faster and ride longer - thanks to an integrated, intelligent energy management system that seamlessly weds the cyclist's human power with that of an electric motor.

The design is based on a standard bike wheel base, with a center mount battery pack to provide better balance and maneuverability. The technology incorporates a simple control console, microchip processor, long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a brushless electric motor integrated into the hub of the rear wheel. The system automatically manages power distribution during pedaling – the more effort the rider exerts, the more boost the electric motor provides.

"In many parts of the world, electric-assist bicycles are common place, but in a very rudimentary form," explained Michael DeVisser, president and founder of OHM Cycles Ltd., who lived in Asia and saw firsthand the potential of electric-assist bicycles as an efficient mode of city transportation. "We took the latest cycling technology and integrated it with the newest brushless motor design from BionX, and created what we feel is an outstanding electric-powered bike."

OHM Cycles 2008 product line-up includes four models: the Urban XU450 and XU700 and the Sport XS700 and XS750. The Urban is ideal for in-city commuting, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, front suspension, and upright position for a more comfortable ride. The Sport also utilizes high-performance components -- plus a more powerful motor and all-terrain tires.

The heart of each OHM model is the Intelligent Energy Management System, comprised of the BionX microchip-controlled brushless electric motor integrated into the rear wheel, the command console, and the battery and charger.
BionX Motor

The BionX motor is a brushless direct current generative wheel motor capable of peak power output of 700 Watts (450 Watts for the 250 Watt series motor). The silent motor features a microprocessor that calculates rider thrust and compensates for the weakest leg to ensure a smooth ride.
Command Console

In a single screen, with simple controls, the BionX command console displays important travel information and allows the rider to easily switch between different power modes. The command console contains a two-mode microprocessor that monitors and instantly displays information while riding.

In assistance mode, the display indicates the power supplied by the battery. In generative mode, the display indicates the energy transmitted to the battery. The battery charge indicator helps you manage the battery charge and lets you save energy for the return trip.

Security is also built into the system. The command console includes an alarm system with a 4 digit PIN. If the bicycle is moved while the alarm system is activated, the motor will instantly go into generative mode 4 and the alarm will sound.

An OHM bicycle's maximum speed in power mode is programmable and can be adapted to the local regulations of any country.
Molicel® Rechargeable Battery

Whether it's an OHM bicycle or a hybrid car, battery charging and life are critical factors. OHM bicycles use an E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd's Lithium-ion battery pack to deliver the safest and highest power of any electric bike battery on the market. With advanced protection, performance, and convenience, Li-ion batteries charge quickly and maintain steady power output throughout their lifespan. The e-bike battery packs are specifically configured to work with the BionX motor for optimum range and performance.

The system also includes a "smart" charger that charges the battery in approximately three hours. Lithium-ion batteries do not retain memory and maintain steady performance during their lifespan.

For all its sophisticated technology, an OHM bicycle is still a bike, which means it operates like a normal bike, albeit one with a unique reservoir of power. With the simple press of a button, riders can boost their pedaling power and performance. On an OHM bike, riders can climb steep hills faster and easier, get a better workout, reduce commuting time, even keep pace with stronger riders.
About OHM Cycles Ltd.

Founded in 2005, OHM Cycles is committed to creating the finest electric-assist bicycles. OHM is based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

For more information, visit www.ohmcycles.com

Direct dealer inquiries to Michael DeVisser, 604-568-1646, michael@ohmcycles.com.

[Source: OHM Cycles via Engadget]

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