SAE Congress '08: IAV tests diesel, hybrid powertains today; much more tomorrow

Like Rhodia, another name that is new to the AutoblogGreen pages is IAV, a global auto industry player that has been operating in North America since 1998. IAV's president, Utz Beister sat down with AutoblogGreen for a few minutes to talk about where the company is today and how they're helping the OEMs calibrate new powerplants to get the most efficient engines possible into new vehicles. IAV's main business in Michigan is to test various engines in their dynometers. With the industry moving toward more and more diesel and hybrid powertrians, IAV's new Powertrain Test Facility that will open in Northville Township, Michigan later this year or in early 2009, is being set up to be able to test these gasoline alternatives.
Of course, there are a lot of engine testing facilities in the Detroit area, and Beister said that being able to test engines that don't use gasoline on their dynos will set them apart. The dedicated hybrid powertrain dyno, for example, can test the ICE, the electric motor and the transmission. Beister couldn't give many details about what IAV has tested in the past or what they're working on now, but did say that IAV worked on GM's hybrid powertrain and integrating a VW diesel engine into a Chrysler vehicle.

In Germany, IAV has commissioned the first hydrogen dyno, and the new North American technical center has room to expand up to four more dynos. A hydrogen dynometer is quite likely, Beister said. Listen for yourself by clicking play, below.

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