Bentley and Zagato offer limited-edition Continental GTZ

Click above to view the Continental GTZ in hi-res

In partnership with Bentley, Milanese design house Zagato has decided to offer a limited run of the Continental GTZ it showed us this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Nine discerning customers for whom the "standard" Bentley Continental GT Speed is not enough will have the opportunity to upgrade their coupes for a nominal fee of just €550,000. (For reference, consider that the Zagato's custom LED tail-lights cost €50,000 alone.) That's on top of the cost of the donor car, which comes in just shy of $200k. The first vehicle has already been delivered for an all-in grand total of €800,000.. .that's over one and a quarter million dollars.

The six-figure conversion overhauls the exterior styling with Zagato's own custom bodywork identical to that seen on the Geneva show car. The interior is likewise treated to a sumptuous bespoke leather re-upholstery job, while the mechanics of the car remain untouched, allowing Bentley to certify the process and retain the factory warranty. Considering that the Continental GT Speed packs a 600-hp twin-turbo W12 capable of propelling the behemoth to sixty in 4.2 seconds and topping out over 200 mph, the stock drivetrain shouldn't be an issue. And of course, like other Zagato designs, the GTZ's exclusivity will all but completely assure that the owner won't be pulling up next to an identical car at a red light, though it sure would be fun to see it happen.

[Source: Corriere della Sera Motori]

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