Battery and ultracapacitor companies get their report cards

The most important part of an electric or hybrid vehicle is often said to be the battery. With all the breakthroughs in energy storage and the emergence of new companies, it can be a difficult field to keep up with. If you are a potential investor or just a curious onlooker you might be interested in how Mike Millikin has graded what he believes to be the top dozen companies in the field.

In a three-part article for, the founder and editor of the informative Green Car Congress hands out report cards for the leading battery and ultra-capacitor companies out there today. All the big battery names you read about on AutoblogGreen are represented as well as the secretive EEStor ultra-capacitor folks and impressive upstarts like Valence. While nobody gets an "F," Mike pulls no punches with a frank assessment of each. We thinks he is pretty much "on the money" but if he's slipped up, we are sure you'll let us know.


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