Top Secret V12 Supra does 222 mph at Nardo

Smokey Nagata likes to smoke his tires on freeways all over the world. While his stunts may not be lawful or even sane, he continues to find new territory in which to get his thrills. After being arrested in England and New Zealand, he has finally taken his action off the streets and onto the Nardo Ring test track in Italy. Reportedly, the twin turbo V12 Top Secret Supra, driven by Smokey, achieved a top speed of 222 mph (358 km/h) at Nardo. While certainly a mind-numbing velocity, it falls just a tad short of the 248 mph (400 km/h) goal.

The Top Secret Supra project is intended to present the Supra as the kind of supercar some feel Toyota should be selling. Its V12 powerplant is sourced from a Toyota Century (a Japanese market luxury sedan), and extra power beyond its stock 276 horses, many airflow aids have been added. These range from custom plenums and piping to dual HKS GT2540 turbochargers. All in all, the engine's output has been tuned somewhere north of 1,000 hp. To learn more information on the car check out this feature from Super Street Magazine.

[Source: Bespoke Ventures]

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