Click and Clack talk future cars on Nova, then you can create your own re-mix

The guys that make all the traditionally staid staff at NPR cringe whenever they come on the air will be making an appearance on NOVA this week. Tom and Ray Magliozzi will be going in search of the car of the future on the PBS science show on April 22 (which is, of course, Earth Day). To those of you who listen to NPR on Saturdays, Tom and Ray are more commonly known as the "comedic" mechanics Click and Clack who host Car Talk. Having heard these guys in the past, I'm not sure how much they know about cars of the future.

One interesting aspect of this program is PBS has set up a special section of their website called Open Content. You'll be able to go there and select from 230 raw video clips running 1-3 minutes each that were recorded during the making of the show. The clips will be downloadable so that you can compile your own program by mixing Nova's footage with your own. You can then upload your version of the show and perhaps Nova will put it on the site. At the very least, if you do a re-mix let us know where it is and we'll compile of list of links here on ABG.

[Source: PBS, thanks to Yanquetino for the tip]

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