Overheard in AIM: Neff brings the perspective

Nunez's ride this week...

We Autobloggers chat on AIM all the time. Imagine a text-only version of the podcast, only 100 times more scatterbrained (who knew this was even possible?) and you'll get the general idea. So anyway, here's an exchange between The Neff and myself from earlier this afternoon, in which he hits me with a solid uppercut using his Brass Knuckles of Perspective. I think they may have bits of dead Alero cast into them.

Neff: Chris Grant from Joystiq got Sony to send us a review copy of GT5 Prologue
Arriving Tuesday

Nunez: You are such a d**k
Neff: Okay Mr. RS4
Neff: At least the car in your driveway right now is real
Nunez: I want to drive a PRETEND RS4, too!

Let the online play begin. What Neff doesn't tell you is that he -- at this very moment -- is writing up something that makes the (undeniably, ridiculously badass) RS4 press car parked out in my driveway seem like a Kia Optima. But you'll have to wait until Monday to read about that. Oh, and as it happens, I can't drive a pretend RS4 in GT5 Prologue when it arrives this week, anyway. I'll have to make do with the real thing.

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