Lamborghini joins the rest of us misfits, offers podcasts on iTunes

Does Ferrari lower itself to do a podcast? No – and you could argue that it doesn't need to. Lamborghini has always had a knack for forging its own way, and rather than acting aloof, it's inviting everyone into the cult of the brand. The big tent that Lamborghini's erected in the iTunes store is called "The World of Lamborghini," and it strikes us a a very smart marketing move.

To geek out for a moment, we think it's a good use of marketing dollars because while the production costs are obviously significant, distribution costs are far less than even a modest broadcast campaign. Besides, when was the last time you saw a Lamborghini spot? Right. The podcasting effort will further cement Lamborghini's aspirational, yet within reach, status. It also helps that the videos Lamborghini is disseminating are hella cool, and thus work just as designed. Our Reventon lust is even more serious now that we've seen the video that's reminiscent of the Six Million Dollar Man. Check it out on iTunes.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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