Want to win a $100,000 Speed Racer Mach 5 Corvette?

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The upcoming Speed Racer movie just got a whole lot more interesting to us since learning about this sweepstakes that's being held in conjunction with the premier on May 9th. The prize is a Speed Racer-inspired Mach 5 Corvette, but it not just any 'Vette . It's actually a C5 Corvette wearing a body inspired by the '63 - '67 C2 Corvette. Despite its classic outward appearance, the interior is all C5 wrapped in custom leather and painted red, and the motor is a very modern 350-hp LS1 V8. The Speed Racer decals and color scheme put it over the top, though. The purveyors of the sweeps peg the car's value at $100,000, and to win it you have to visit this site and enter you cell phone number and carrier, or just text "fast" to 90736. You'll then get a text message on April 18th with a Speed Racer trivia question, which you'll have two minutes to answer correctly. Ten of those people who answer correctly will be flown out to the premier and race mini cars of some sort to win the actual Speed Racer Mach 5 'Vette. We know, those are a lot of hoops through which to jump, but a Mach 5 Corvette is kind of cool.

[Source: Warner Brothers]

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