Video: Electric E-Boxer motorcycle coming to the U.S. takes on Honda CBR

Racing electric motorcycles is something we seem to be seeing more and more of. The race we're talking about here was a friendly three-lap affair at a track on the edge of Bangkok, Thailand that ended (*spoiler alert) in a win for the gas machine. However, if the Electric GPR-S, piloted by the owner of Electric Motorsport, Todd Kollin, hadn't wiped out half-way through, the result might have been different.

While the race was pretty cool, the exciting news here is the coming of another electric motorcycle to our shores. Using a motorcycle chassis from Thai motorcycle maker Tiger Motorsports and powered by 72 volts of lithium ion, this newest entrant into the market should have a top end of 70 mph and a range between 40 and 60 miles. Look for a price in the neighborhood of $8,000, which isn't too bad considering the competition. Tiger Motorsports has plans to sell the bike in Asia as the E-Boxer. Check out the story and video at TG Daily for more details and pics. To keep up to date with the latest on the Electric Motorsport bike, watch this space.

[Source: TG Daily]

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