Tesla officially announces plans to start European sales of the Roadster

After recent speculation that Tesla Motors would be launching European sales earlier than planned, VP Darryl Siry confirmed the news today. Apparently the combination of the declining dollar and a change in European homologation rules has prompted the change. The Roadster is assembled in England at the Lotus factory and virtually all major components are sourced outside the U.S. As a result, the Roadster wouldn't benefit from the lower cost of an American product that results from the weak dollar. However, since the company does business in dollars, selling the car to European customers at a Euro price would yield higher revenues for the company. The homologation rules change that takes effect in April 2009 means that the company can essentially get the Roadster certified once for sale throughout the EU. Shortly after that rule change and presumably after the first 1,000 or so cars that have been ordered already have been delivered, Tesla plans to start European deliveries with a special edition model similar to the first 100 units reserved here for those that paid the full price up front. The initial euro models will get tagged at €99,000 or about $155,000, a bit more than they cost here.

{Source: Tesla Motors]

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