Pontoon Boat burning a hole in your pocket? Trade it for a JaguaRanger

Boats are typically thought of as a hole in the water into which you hurl money. It looks like this Craigslist seller realized that he was really after a boat only after sinking considerable time and money into an extensive automotive gene-splicing experiment gone horribly wrong. Take one Jaguar XJ, add half a Ford Ranger Splash, season with a carbureted 305 and stir in a steering wheel cover that's vaguely reminiscent of calimari. Bake only halfway, frost with black, and serve. In all fairness, the small, limited resolution shots on the listing show a vehicle that actually looks better turned out than the recipe for confusion stew might suggest. Whether it's truly nice, or just another 50/50 curiosity would be interesting to find out. At least you won't have to pay to dock it – and with the GM powertrain, it'll likely be far cheaper to maintain than the Evinrude on your pontoon boat.
[Source: Craigslist]

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