Piaggio and Cold Logic create carbon free refrigerated food transporter

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When Piaggio is mentioned on these pages, it's usually in reference to one of their scooters, but they also offer a range of utilitarian four-wheeled vehicles. The newest addition to their range is an electric delivery vehicle which features a refrigeration unit that is also electrically powered, making for a completely emissions free vehicle. The Porter Electric features two sets of batteries, both of which are charged at the same time from either a standard outlet or quick-charged through a three-phase power supply. The emissions-free status qualifies the vehicle as exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty charges along with Congestion Charging in London.

Along with their new Porter Electric, Piaggio will be introducing a new small truck to the UK market called the Truk. Featuring a small 500cc diesel engine, the Truk is expected to be priced rather attractively and have very low emissions and high fuel mileage.

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Press Releases:


Piaggio and Cold Logic have joined forces to provide a carbon free refrigerated solution to urban food deliveries. The Porter Electric combined with the expertise of Cold Logic offers the perfect solution to getting about town and delivering fresh food to the customer's requirements.

The Porter Electric is ideal for this use with very low running costs and outstanding versatility. The long-life Lead-Gel batteries used in the Porter Electric are maintenance-free and produce zero emissions, which means that the vehicle is conveniently exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty as well as Congestion Charging. Opting for the Porter Electric could result in a huge saving for businesses that operate vehicles in large towns, or a city such as London.

The vehicle range is approximately 80 miles between charges, which is just right for making those essential deliveries. Charging the Porter Electric Chiller could not be easier as two options are available: the 8 hour standard recharge through a 13 amp socket or the 2 hour fast charge using a 3-phase supply.

The Porter Electric Chiller is supplied in left-hand drive which ensures safety for the driver of the vehicle on busy roads as they will not have to step out into the traffic. The vehicle is remarkably compact and has impressive manoeuvrability meaning that deliveries to the narrowest of locations are not compromised. The Porter Electric Chiller has twin side loading doors and full height opening rear tailgate therefore giving loading and unloading access from all sides of the vehicle.

Cold Logic complete the package with the help of Hubbard Products Ltd who supply the refrigeration unit and GRP Group who carry out the conversion of the Porter Electric.

Hubbard Products Ltd is one of the UK's leading suppliers of refrigeration units. The small, light units are also designed and manufactured by Hubbard Products and they have earned a strong reputation. The refrigeration unit itself is powered by its own battery supply but is conveniently charged at the same time as the Porter Electric Chiller. The unit will easily maintain the load area between zero and 5 degrees throughout an average working day.

GRP Group carry out the refrigeration conversion of the Porter Electric Chiller. They have a wealth of experience and are the number one choice for completing the conversion as the UK market leader.

The end result is a green, low maintenance vehicle with an impressive, high quality conversion perfect for making deliveries in busy, urban areas.


In addition to the new Porter Electric Chiller, Piaggio Commercial Vehicles are delighted to be able to give visitors to the CV Show a prime opportunity to view the latest member of their UK line up, the new Piaggio Truk.

The Piaggio Truk, due to be launched later this year, follows a similar concept to the existing Porter range. However with its extremely economical 500cc diesel engine, lower kerb weight and increased payload it will fulfil the increasing demands of today's short haul urban user. But the potential benefits of the Truk don't end there with improved fuel economy and a proposed retail price below the existing Porter range, Piaggio's new addition will provide running costs to appeal to even the most frugal of today's operators.

To find out more about the new exciting additions to the Piaggio range, why not visit Piaggio Commercial Vehicles at stand 12-220 between 15th and 17th April.

[Source: Piaggio]

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