Innuendo Alert: Jenna Jameson's Lamborghini sold on eBay

We've had too many opportunities to redefine the term "auto erotic" lately. As if the ongoing saga of FIA president Max Mosley's alarming sexual encounters or the mating habits of exotic automobiles weren't enough, here come the results of what could very well be the celebrity auto auction of the year: Jenna Jameson's Lamborghini.

For those who pretend they don't know who Jenna Jameson is, she's perhaps the world's most famous, er..."adult film star". (We had to look it up on Wikipedia, of course.) While her clothes may be consistently a couple of sizes too small, it's only fitting that the starlet should drive the most explicit erotic exotic supercar on the market: the Lamborghini Murcielago. It's hard to believe she didn't go topless this time -- Jameson actually went for the coupe, which she bought in 2002. Since then, Jenna's yellow Raging Bull has done 11,658 miles. In case there was any doubt that Jameson could handle a stick like a pro, the Lambo is equipped with a six-speed manual (instead of smacking it around with the paddles) and decked out in black leather (naturally) offset by blonde highlights (yellow topstitching). The car was advertised - *ahem*, tongue in cheek - as "extremely clean" and "ready to go", and as our compatriots over at CarScoop pointed out, there's a decent chance there's some tread left on the tires. Complete with dual front airbags (hey-o!), the car sold on Friday for a video-on-demand Buy-It-Now price of $182,900 on eBay Motors.

Check out the perfectly-safe-for-work images in the gallery below to oggle the car (yeah right). Oh, and feel free to contribute your own innuendos in the comments section below that...just keep it clean until after 10pm.

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