Click above to view the Ferrari 400i Limo in low-res

So here's the problem: you want a Ferrari limo. (Don't we all?) A Maserati Quattroporte isn't going to do the trick, and the Sultan isn't willing to part with any of his. You could try to build one and risk being sued by Maranello, or you could log on to Craigslist and buy this one for just $25,000 (or best offer).

The vehicle in question is based on the largely forgettable – and therefore easily dispensed with – 1981 Ferrari 400i. It was stretched by Mardikian coachbuilders and retains its 4.8-liter Flat-12 engine. It's listed in good working condition but in need of some cosmetic work. The vehicle is registered in California and being sold in Huntington Beach, Orange County. Check out the images in the low-res gallery below, with our thanks to astute reader Mike who sent in the link. A better specimen of '80s extravagance we challenge anyone to find.

[Source: Craigslist]

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