Allentown, PA "America on Wheels" museum to open, includes an EV1

One defining characteristic of Americans is our incessant movement in personal vehicles of all sorts. From the Conestoga Wagons that crossed the continent to Hummers that take (some of) us down the block to buy a quart of milk, our love affair with vehicles remains undiminished. And museums large and small devoted to transport dot the landscape, necessitating further travel to visit them.
The latest is the $17 million, 48,000-square-foot "America on Wheels," opening April 12 in Allentown, PA. With displays including two-wheelers to semi-trailers, it intends to be a comprehensive exhibit. Mack Truck is sponsoring a virtual reality experience, to allow the kids to enjoy the thrill of driving a semi across a construction site. Of special note to ABG readers, there is a "Car of the Future" exhibit featuring a 1997 General Motors EV1. Because GM needlessly destroyed the ability of these racy cars to drive before a few were donated to museums such as "America on Wheels," perhaps GM ought to sponsor an EV1 virtual reality experience. With any luck, within a few short years, an electric "reality experience" will return to showrooms.


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