Washington politician talks the talk, walks the walk

Politicians are sometimes accused of talking the eco-talk but not walking the eco-walk. While I'm sure that may be true for some many most, I have found one who appears to fulfill his talking-walking obligation. Steve Bernheim may not have a cushy office on Capitol Hill yet, and I confess that I don't know what his ultimate political ambitions are, but if he does eventually make it to the big time let's hope he brings the same eco-ethos that he claims helped him get elected as a humble city councilor in Edmonds, WA.

You see, Steve is a committed proponent of electric vehicles (and if you check out the price (PDF) of his single-seater Myers Motors NMG car, you'll see how committed) who is actively trying to promote the greener alternative of transporting yourself with electric vehicles. "Ween ourselves from nature's black milk," [sic] is the goal he wants to reach, according to an interview conducted with KOMOTV. While the first step towards that end is the installation of a single public charging plug in downtown Edmonds, it is a step in the right direction.

[Source: KOMOTV]

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