Poll: Auto execs favor McCain by 70%

As part of the 2008 Global Automotive Survey, the automotive division of law firm Dykema Gossett PLLC surveyed 46 leading automotive executives in America on their opinions regarding the upcoming presidential race and the forecast for the U.S. automotive industry. The picture that the respondents painted in their responses was anything but bright.

Regarding the three leading presidential candidates, 70% favored Republican Senator John McCain. However, the survey indicated that the favor was due less to McCain's record regarding the automobile industry and more in juxtaposition to those of rival Democratic candidates Senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, the latter garnering the most opposition with 57% of respondents viewing an Obama administration as having a potentially negative impact on the industry. The survey also addressed the executives' attitudes towards the future of the carmaking industry in America, in which not a single respondent conveyed a positive outlook, while 87% projected a negative outlook with the remaining 13% responding neutrally.

[Source: The Detroit News, Photo by Bryan Mitchell/Getty]

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