Lutz thanks the "Volt Nation" for their enthusiasm

Back on the March 20, we recapped a bit of news from the first ever meeting of the so-called "Volt Nation" which took place at the New York Auto Show. Now, Lutz would like to thank the Volt Nation, along with ringleader Dr. Lyle Dennis (left, in the photo above), creator of the popular GM-Volt fan website, for meeting with Lutz and Volt design chief Frank Weber. The Volt Nation meet-us was where enthusiastic members of the community were able to ask their questions of the GM officials (You can watch videos of the entire meeting here).

A few details came out of the meeting, mostly regarding the batteries, along with the revelation that GM was willing to lose money on the Volt. This stance is echoed once again by Lutz on the GM Fastlane blog, to which he adds, "We made that mistake once. We won't make it again. I think the whole company has learned when you step out and do bold things, you win and when you're cautious and let other people do the bold things, you lose." Lutz laments losing, and he proclaims yet again that the Volt will get done. We tend to believe him.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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