Go Green: green advertising option or greenwashing defined?

In what could either be a boon to companies which need to advertise and want to minimize their environmental impact or the ultimate in greenwashing, Brand Xperience has launched a new all-electric vehicle marketing division. Using electric trucks (look like Zap! Xebras) with what appears to be custom billboards in the bed, the company claims, "Go Green is the only mobile billboard advertising company dedicated to the sole use of all-electric, zero emissions vehicles for special events, street sampling and mobile billboards." We must say, we're not aware of any direct competition in this segment...

According to Go Green Advertising Senior Vice President, Bob Kopach, "Advertising with our electric vehicles not only allows a company to send its message in a unique and cost-effective way, but also communicates that the company cares about the environment." We're not so sure that companies which truly care about their environmental impact would specifically want to run out and use this service, but we can at least agree that using these electric vehicles would save on gasoline.

[Source: Brand Xperience]

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