Video: Huge solar project to begin this year

Lately when talk of using solar energy via large installations comes up it seems the suggestion will invariably be made that we should cover huge swaths of the desert with a solar panel blanket. This strikes me as a little wrong-headed. What might seem a barren wasteland to some is home to a large variety of flora and fauna and there's just a little bit of irony in the proposition of destroying the environment to save it.

I've always thought that rooftops in the cities where we live would be the ideal location for solar panels, and apparently Southern California Edison agrees with me. With a little help from the world's favorite Terminator, the Californian utility has announced a project to install 65 million square feet of thin-film solar panels on rooftops across three Southern California counties. As Arnold says in the video after the jump, this is the equivalent space of "1100 football fields" The project begins this very summer and will take five years to complete. With a total cost of $875 million, the amount of electricity produced will be 250 megawatts which is enough to power 162,000 homes. My humble math skills tell me that each of these homes could have their power needs met for $5,468.75. That sounds like a good deal! Now, if I could only figure out how many miles 250 megawatts would move an Aptera.

[Source: Alternative Energy YouTube]

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