Rendered Speculation: 2010 Acura NSX

We've known for quite some time now that the Acura NSX replacement would feature a V10 engine likely at the front of the vehicle and possibly powering all four wheels via a version of the brand's SH-AWD. Now that Nissan's amazing new GT-R has set a new standard for what a Japanese supercar can be, the next NSX had better be something impressive indeed, and rumors are that it will be just that. What we still don't know is what this car will look like, so we're very interested in what Japanese car-buff-mag Best Car claims is a rendering of the new NSX. If this is an accurate portrayal, we're glad that Acura stylists found a way to leave off the big metal triangular grill that is plaguing the rest of its lineup, as it just doesn't seem befitting for a sportscar. Although the only rendering offered is an angled shot from the drivers-side front, this coupe still seems a little generic to our eyes, but at least looks better than what we saw from the Advanced Sports Car Concept last year in Detroit.

Fans of Acura's first generation NSX, including all of us at Autoblog, are going to have a tough time waiting until 2010 for the next version to bow, but we're sure to have an endless stream of spy shots and a perpetually overactive rumormill to keep us busy till then.

[Source: Best Car via World Car Fans]

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