Honda worldwide sets up green site to emphasize eco-actions

Touting your own ecological actions isn't rare in the automotive world - we get piles of press releases every day that prove that point. Honda has created a new website to highlight the company's environmental activities. Of course, we have our own Honda section on AutoblogGreen, but if you want to see how Honda frames the message, click here. The site requires the latest Flash player, and you can expect lots of pretty (and pretty annoying) graphics to tell you how great the FCX Clarity or Accord hybrid are.

My vote for most obnoxious line in the site is this one:

"Honda's products make the world a cleaner, safer place." Look, we're all for greener, smarter driving, but cars simply do not make the world cleaner. Never have and, until they run on smog or CO 2, they never will.

[Source: Honda]

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