Flybe considered filling airplane seats with actors

Airlines have gotten called out for flying with too few passengers, and now they're getting the same treatment for flying with too many. Sort of... Flybe, a budget airline, put out an ad looking for actors to be used as extras on flights from Norwich to Dublin, citing airport regulations as the reason. It seems that the airline was 172 passengers short on a requirement to fly at least 15,000 passengers a year between their starting point in England to their destination in Ireland. They were running a bit short, so they were looking to fill those seats with either actors or their own employees, who were reportedly on standy-by -- just in case.

Both Flybe and Norwich Airport are placing the blame on the other, with Flybe suggesting that it was cheaper to pay extras than it was to pay the airport's fines and the airport suggesting that Flybe's tactic was unnecessarily damaging to the environment. Flybe says that it never actually had to add any of these extras to their flights; still, no matter how you slice it, this is one odd story.

[Source: Marie Claire via Ecorazzi]

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