An idea we can get behind for the next Earth Hour: stop driving

Image by Hyperactive. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Earth Day is coming up in a few weeks, but we got a glimpse of the latest in global eco-consciousness with Sunday's Earth Hour, a one hour voluntary shutdown of as many electronics as possible. Apparently, about 300,000 people around the world declared their intention to reduce their energy needs for a while and 380 cities participated as well. In Toronto, the electricity use dropped by around 9 percent for the hour. It was a fine idea, but did they have to schedule it right during the Simpsons?

Our friends at Green Daily approved of Earth Hour as a good symbolic act and have a suggestion that the next Earth Hour be marked by a call to stop driving. While there are some difficulties with this idea (who's to stop you from just waiting an hour before making your drive), I'm a big fan of getting people to actively contemplate reducing dependence on gasoline-powered vehicles. Still, something tells me that, should a one-hour moratorium on driving gain some traction, all the hot rodders in the world will be revving up their engines with glee as soon as the rest of us give cars a rest. Empty streets will just be too tempting. Oh, well.

[Source: Green Daily]

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