Jalopnik readers redesign the Scion Hako

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The Scion Hako is one of the ugliest concept cars any of us have ever seen. Seriously, in New York, our watches stopped working in its presence. At the vehicle's introduction, Scion called its orange-hued affront to the senses a "sporty version of a box" -- a turn of phrase we're still trying to wrap our brains around. What's next? Record execs selling us the "easy-listening version of Slayer"? But we digress.

HAKOUPEOur friends at Jalopnik were equally uninspired by Hako, so they asked their readers to build a better concept using the magic of Photoshop. They have winnowed down the entrants to a group of five finalists -- a mail truck (above), a better coupe (shown at right), a hot rod, a Hako-mino, and a Deora-ish pickup. Follow the jump to see the latter three and then head over to Jalopnik to vote for your favorite. The winning 'chopper will be announced tomorrow. His or her prize? A taste of sweet internet celebrity and some Scion hats. Don't delay, vote today!

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