Drive a hydrogen car for free in Sacramento tomorrow

Any future version of the " hydrogen economy," if such a thing ever exists at all, will require massive amounts of technology which has either not yet been invented or needs much more refinement. If you are interested in knowing more about these upcoming technologies, including hydrogen-powered cars, maybe you should check out the 2008 Hydrogen Expo in Sacramento, California. The event started today and will continue through April first (Tuesday). Besides seeing exciting technology such as a fuel cell powered blender and a cybercafe running on fuel cell power, you might be able to drive one of fifteen available hydrogen powered cars. If you're in the area, this event may be worth checking out to see in person some of the cool concept vehicles that you read about on these very pages. Feel free to send us some pictures if you go.
[Source: 2008 Hydrogen Expo]
Live Demos With Hydrogen, New Fuel Cell Products

90 Exhibitors from 11 Countries at the NHA Conference & Hydrogen Expo

SACRAMENTO, California, March 26 -- Near-to-market
products are the focus of the upcoming Hydrogen Expo US, held with the
National Hydrogen Association's (NHA) Annual Conference, on March 30 -
April 1 at the Sacramento Convention Center. Expo attendees will have the
chance to see real-life applications of hydrogen technologies and to drive
one of 15 hydrogen vehicles. On Monday, March 31, admission to Hydrogen
Expo and participation in the Ride & Drive are free to the public.

Ninety exhibitors from eleven countries will show the latest in
hydrogen and fuel cell developments at the 2008 Hydrogen Expo. Live
demonstrations of the technology include a fuel cell powered blender, a
cybercafe running on fuel cell power, and hydrogen gas leak detection
equipment. Three special interest pavilions in the exhibit hall will
feature hydrogen generation from renewables and nuclear energy, and
technology "Made in Germany". At the Exhibitor Forum attendees will learn
more about available products, regional and international hydrogen

New products featured at Hydrogen Expo US include fuel cells
manufactured by Altergy and Plug Power; a hydrogen generation module from
Proton Energy Systems; hydrogen storage vessels from Cryofab; hydrogen leak
detection equipment from H2Scan and RKI Instruments; and many more.

Hydrogen Expo Show Hours:

Sunday, March 30, 06:00pm-08:00pm - Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall
Monday, March 31, 10:00am-05:00pm - Public Day, Free Admission
Tuesday, April 1, 10:00am-08:00pm /
06:00pm-08:00pm Reception in Exhibit Hall

Venue: Sacramento Convention Center, 1400 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Exhibitor list, floorplan, and exhibitor forum program on:

NHA Conference Dates: March 30-April 3, 2008
Conference program on:

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