Roush Technologies and ITM Power to partner on hydrogen fueling in Britain

Britain's ITM Power is working with Roush Technologies to try and get hydrogen-fueled commercial vehicles on the road in the UK. Roush will expand their existing work on hydrogen fueling conversions for internal combustion engines to the UK market. The focus of the efforts, initially, will be on commercial vehicles. Roush also plans to develop new dedicated hydrogen-fueled engines. Meanwhile, if anyone plans to convert their vehicles to run on hydrogen, that's were ITM Power PLC comes in. ITM develops fuel cells and electrolysis equipment and they are working on fueling stations with on-site hydrogen generation. The company plans to launch production later this year of an electrolyser system that can be installed at filling stations to produce hydrogen from water using renewable sources such as solar, wind and wave power or from off-peak grid power. How much these systems will cost is unknown, but if it can be made affordable for stations to install, it could give a jump start to hydrogen as a fuel in Britain.

[Source: Channel4]

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